The first trade boats landed mainly wine barrels and jugs olive oil. The pirates and slaves were the first to reuse these barrels of Spanish wine. With a vinous touch complementing perfectly the vanilla and caramel of the best sugar cane developed the first "Rum" of the Caribbean.

In order to find this perfume original we have chosen and reconditioned our barrels at Jerez.

Rum El Loro is aged in the Dominican Republic, following the best juice production process, in the purest local tradition . From molasses fermented and distilled then aged in American bourbon barrels, in the climate of the Islands with an evaporation of more than 15% a year, Ron El Loro ends his aging Mediterranean climate.

This finish in 500-liter barrels, confers a distinction sensory and organoleptic feature. The notes of vanilla, caramel of the great Dominican rum blend freshness and subtlety of the best grapes Sherry PedroXimenez.

The brio of the RumMaster is "the art of the mix", the rum El Loro range is developed from robust products that can go through 15 years of age, signed Maestro Juan Alberto Alvarez.

El LORO gave us some fun during its development, your pleasure will be taste: dry, glossy or accompanied... always with moderation.